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I take the easy way out again this week by sharing Guy Kawasaki (of the How To Change the World blog) and his irreverent and truthful keynote at the 2007 MySQL Users Conference.

Kawasaki will challenge your thoughts about being an entrepreneur in the technology industry.

The big news is that soon I’ll be able to announce that the videos from the conference sessions are up….stay tuned!

Show Notes:
Guy Kawasaki’s Blog: How to Change the World

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Today I upgraded the blog software at sheeri.com (and sheeri.net and sheeri.org). Please let me know if you find something that doesn’t work as expected — awfief@gmail.com.

At the MySQL Users Conference, hepatitis prostate my good friend Mark Atwood (creator of the free Amazon S3 Storage Engine) mentioned that any site with a login should have OpenID as an option.

Mark, anabolics I upgraded for you! I was using WordPress 1.5.2, there now I’m at the “latest” version. Anyway, this is just to let folks know that if you so choose, you may now use OpenId if you wish to login and make comments.

Of course, I do not require login (and have a great spam filter) so that’s just another choice you have.

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