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Code of Conduct: It’s a Misnomer

For me, a Code of Conduct is not actually guidelines for how to act. For me, a Code of Conduct is what to do if there is a problem with someone’s conduct. When I get on a plane, I am told what to do in case of emergency – here are the exits, here’s how to use your life jacket and oxygen mask. I am not told every little thing that could be an emergency – I believe that would be a waste of time and invariably something would be left out.

Similarly, for conferences, listing out all the behaviors that might be problematic is a waste of time, and invariably, behaviors are left out. In my opinion, that is a waste of time. What is NOT a waste of time is giving out the information of what to do in case of emergency.

At the MySQL Connect website, under the “Plan” tab, is a link to the Oracle Events Code of Conduct. It says, simply, to act professionally and respectfully, and if there are any problems, contact Oracle Security and gives a phone numbers. I like that. Simple, and effective. And it was put under the “Plan” tab – exactly where it should be. It’s something to note as you plan to attend.

I put that number in my phone and, thankfully, did not have to use it. But knowing that I had a plan in case something happened made all the difference to me.

*BIG DISCLAIMER – I do not speak for all people everywhere on this matter, just myself.

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